If like me, you’re a makeup geek 🤓 then you’ll know that… a girl can never have too much makeup. Concealer is one thing that I flit between dependent on what look i’m going for, how my skin is feeling on the day, which one I remembered to pack in my makeup bag that day or how dark the circles are under my eyes… girl problems 🙄 I’ve fallen in love with this concealer … especially on days where I could really do with hiding out and not be seen in public… we all have those days right!?  Well, this concealer has come to my rescue on many occasion, so is definitely worthy of a shout out.

You can wave “bye bye” to any under-eye with the teeniest amount of this concealer… by teeny, I’m talking less than a pea size per eye, anything more and you’ll be border lining the ‘cakey’ look and are at risk of creasing. Dark circles, creases, tired eyes = 👋🏼 Bye Bye!

Usually I like to use a concealer which is a shade of two lighter than my base foundation, however this blends really well, so doubles up as a foundation if you need a touch up throughout the day. For coverage that lasts all day, without budging, set it with a translucent powder 🙌🏼

The double-ended brush is well worth getting too, there’s none of that bristle dropping that you can get with some makeup brushes… it really helps to give you that flawless finish and it lasts all day. Remember, washing your brush regularly too is key to getting the best out of your brushes 👌🏼 Build up is never cool. Well worth the money and goes a long way!

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