For those of you who haven’t yet made this jump, you could be about to experience what can only be described as a life changing beauty revelation which you’ll kick yourself for not doing sooner.

  How many of you use face wipes to take your makeup off?

Because they’re convenient right? ✓ True.

And they remove all of your makeup? ✕ Wrong.

They’re really good for your skin? ✕ Guess again.

I honestly can’t explain how much my complexion has improved since I ditched face wipes from my daily skincare routine and picked up a bottle of facial oil and micellar water instead.

All of my girl friends will vouch for me on this one and say that I’ve converted them too and it’s the best thing they ever did! (okay okay, maybe not like the best thing they EVER did, but you get my point)🙋

“So how else can I take my makeup off in less than 3 mins?” – I hear you ask.

✨✨✨ Simples ✨✨✨

Grab yourself some micellar water and some cotton wool pads, wipe away your makeup, then apply your daytime/nighttime moisturisers as normal & ✨voila✨ Give it a week or two and you’ll start reaping in the results! Your skin will feel fresher and more hydrated and will look clearer and more radiant *win*

I personally like to use a natural oil on my face first, I don’t have a particular favourite as I flit between different ones, but I’m all for the natural oils, Jojoba oil or almond oil are two of my favourites. If you’ve never thought about switching to a natural skin care routine, then you wanna check out this article by Dr Josh Axe, a great read and full of super simple skincare tips and a great overview of the benefits you’ll get from each.

After using the oil, I wipe my face with a cotton wool pad, soaked with a little Micellar water. Garnier’s range is my favourite; they offer a range, depending on your skin type. Personally, I like the oil infused one and when I use this one, I switch things up a bit (crazy I know) and skip the face oil first and go straight in with this, followed by a refreshing Rose water (another must have in your beauty cabinet). If like me, you wear quite heavy eye makeup or gel liner, you’ll find the oil approach is a dream for removing waterproof products easily and leaves your skin feeling hydrated and super soft 🙌🏼

 Give it a go, you won’t look back!

Comment below and let me know your thoughts.

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