We all have our favourite makeup brushes which are our “go-to” brushes for certain looks, some of you may prefer to use a beauty blender to apply your foundation, or hey, you might be a hands on kinda gal, each to their own beauty technique… Personally I’m not a fan of the latest craze of whipping out a chicken fillet from my bra, but hey, each to their own!… For a few quid you can pick up a professional silicone makeup blender… to be fair they’re pretty good.

There are no written rules which say that a makeup brush can only be used for what it says it’s for on the handle 🤔 at least I don’t think there is… if there is, I’m all game for being a rule breaker on this one. So try out using your brushes for different things… I’m forever using eye shadow brushes for highlight and blusher, to give more control of where your putting the product; and I’m a huge fan of an angled cheek brush for applying my foundation, some of my favourite ones being:

✨ The Chisel Cheeks – Sculpting Contour Brush: From the ORIGINAL Unicorn Brushes Collection (£45 for a set of 10 brushes)

✨ The Illamasqua Angled Cheek Brush (£30)

I have combination skin, some days it can be dry and flakey, other days it can be oily, so day to day, I have to adjust my makeup routine to suit my skin… A prime example of why it’s such hard work being a girl right? 🙄💁

There are a few other brushes which I’ve come across which I swear by, my ‘must-haves‘.  Charlotte Tilbury’sMagical Complexion Brush is worthy of a shoutout! It’s £45 to buy, but what an investment, if you use it every day for over 45 days, then technically you’re only paying £1 a day for a flawless complexion right? 🙄 … I know, I know 🙈 but a girls got to find a way to justify having a shopping addiction 😂🙈😇 Anyway, back to the brush… this brush is great for buffing on your foundation, gives a great full coverage and is perfect for giving any imperfections the brush off (no pun intended)!

Got any tips, secrets or techniques to share? Drop me a comment below or chat with me on social ✌🏼🦄

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