There are a few things which I use every day as part of my beauty regime that I can’t see myself being without… this is one of them! My Magnitone Vibra-sonice daily cleansing brush 🙌🏼

Anyone who’s used a Magnitone will no doubt be cheering along with me right now as it really will change your life *cheer leader pompom moment* (I can on occasions be a drama Queen 👸🏼 – But this is not one of those times).

The design pictured below is a limited edition Full Monty, which comes with numerous brush attachments, for face, body and pedi… but Magnitone have a range of brushes which are suitable for all different needs, including travel size brushes, body brushes and even a mens edition!… you name it, Magnitone have got it covered 🙌🏼 Check out their full range on site to see which brush best suits your needs.


The Full Monty £130

Just like the Foreo ( a cleansing brush which which I reviewed last month), it’s a 100% waterproof cleansing brush, designed for in bath/shower use.

Some of the unique selling points are:

  • Deep cleans trapped pores to remove any lingering makeup which a cotton pad or wipe can’t get to.
  • Boosts circulation and tones skin Keeping your skin looking radiant and youthful.
  • Multiple functions: Body, Face & Feet
  • Interchangeable brush heads 
  • Timer modes so that you know exactly how long to cleanse for.

It leaves your skin feeling silky softsuper clean and revitalised. It also gently exfoliates your face, removing any dry skin particles and plumping your skin keeping it looking radiant ✨magical ✨

You also really notice a difference to how well your moisturiser glides on after using, as well as the revitalised base it provides for your makeup, a great start to the day! 🙌🏼

I’ve been using a Magnitone for over a year now and I wouldn’t be without it. I also got the Bare Faced edition for my best friend for Christmas and she loves it! The Bare Faced RRPs at £70.00 and is great if you’re a frequent traveller as it’s smaller and more compact.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, start dropping hints now ladies… the gift of kissably soft skin is priceless 👌🏼💋

What are your skin secrets?

Until next time, fellow beauty addicts ✌🏼


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