Hiding behind door No.19  today is a little treat for any tired eyes out there 👀

A 7ml deluxe miniature tube of

Balance Me: Wonder Eye Cream

15ml RRPs at £20

Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also our busiest… I’m later than usual writing this tonight as i’ve been ‘elfing’, as I like to call it, it mainly involves rolls and rolls of wrapping paper and lots of carefully thought out presents, and me being tangled up in twisted sellotape… I always try and be smart, holding the paper in place with one finger whilst tearing the sellotape with another 🙈

But check out some of the cool handmade gifts I made for everyone in my team at work (I’m going for the boss of the year award 😏)

Hot chocolate, marshmallow and Malteser treats👆🏼

Anyway… so after all of that ‘elfin’ around, this is exactly what my eyes need… apparently it’s triple action, not sure what that fanciness means? Yeah me neither, so i’ll break it down:

  1. Lifts
  2. Brightens
  3. Reduces the appearance of fine lines, dark shadows and puffiness

Sounds magical ✨ I’m already bought into this and i’ve not even opened it yet!

Now obviously the other key ingredient to revitalised eyes, is plenty of beauty sleep! So on that note,i’m going to catch some zzz’s whilst Balance Me does all of the work!

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