Bellápierre Gel Eye Liner RRPs at £20| Available in 6 different colours. 

Another well thought out Saturday treat from Lookfantastic today 🙌🏼 Just what every girl needs to rock a festive smokey eye at her Christmas party!

I’m sure you’ll all agree with me that eyeliner is a girls best friend (well, one of them 🙊 let’s not forget about the diamonds! 💍) A girl should have an eyeliner in her makeup bag at all times *in case of emergency*… they can also double up as a pen *win* you all know what I’m taking about 😂 the amount of birthday cards I’ve written last minute in my car with an eyeliner 🙈

But on a serious note, the miracles that can be achieved with an eyeliner, are magical ✨ They can really help to shape your eye (a lifesaver when you’re tired & you don’t want your eyes to show it), define it’s shape or make your “look” more dramatic.

Be careful though, different techniques suit different eye shapes and can sometimes make your eyes look smaller, especially when using it around the whole eye. If you’re not sure what shape your eyes are, then check out this video, from Smash box | Sephora, it will help you determine which eye shape you are in minutes 🙌🏼

Personally, I prefer to use a liquid liner, or a gel liner with a brush day to day. I’ve never been a fan of pencil liners as I tend to do the winged look most days and i’ve never managed to master this look with a pencil 👎🏼 However, I find it’s good for blending along the lower lash line and using along the water line when you’re going for a heavier, going out kinda look. I tried it out today and it’s probably the best pencil liner that i’ve used, it really stays put, doesn’t fade or smudge, and blended nicely for a softer smokey look under my eye.

It’s got rave reviews across the bloggersphere as being one of the best waterproof gel eye liners – which doesn’t surprise me, Lookfantastic know all of the best beauty secrets it would seem✌🏼

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