16 days into our advent calendars and the beauty treats just keep on coming 🙌🏼 … I’m still holding out for a festive red lipstick 💄there’s got to be one in here somewhere right? 🙊

I tried it out this morning for the first time and initially had mixed feelings… I don’t think that you can really get the full experience of a mascara from a sample size tube. It’s just not the same using a tiny brush.

It went on really easily (despite it taking longer to cover my lashes with a teeny brush), and with no clumps (Tip: if you ever find your mascara is getting clumpy, then drop it into warm water for a couple of minutes and voila✨)

The PÜR Impact Mascara is jet black, so gives good coverage without having to apply numerous layers of it… and the best thing about it, which is always a deal breaker for me, is 11 hours on, it still looks fresh and hasn’t dropped under my eyes like some mascaras can.

It doesn’t appear to be available on the Lookfantastic website, obviously another product which is high in demand *adds to ‘must have’ list* however they do have the PÜR  Fully Charged Magnetic Mascara which also looks to be popular, with a 5🌟review rating.

Got any mascara tips and tricks to share?
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