Hey there fellow beauty pals 👋🏽

So hiding behind door No.12 today was a FOREO LUNA Play & a deluxe miniature FOREO Day Cleanser… not a bad start to the week right? 🙌🏼

I’ve read lots of great things about these and my sister uses one and swears by it, so I was excited to find this super cute, travel size one in my Advent Calendar this morning.

The FOREO LUNA cleansing brush has a bit of a reputation for being one of the best cleansing brushes in the beauty industry. I currently use a Magnitone and I would highly recommend that cleansing brush too. There are so many available, but it’s really all about finding the best one for you.

 Using a cleansing brush might not be something that you’ve ever considered using as part of your daily cleansing routine. If it’s not, then here’s a few reasons why you should give it a whirl:

  1. Using a cleansing brush is guaranteed to give you a brighter, healthier and ultimately more radiant looking complexion. What more could a girl ask for 🙋🏼 I personally struggle with dry skin, especially during the Winter months, but when i’m using a cleansing brush, I instantly notice a difference. There have been days where I’ve gone away with work and forgotten to pack my Magnitone and after just two days of not using it, my skin feels dry and my makeup doesn’t go on smoothly.
  2. It exfoliates and deep cleans your skin, leaving it feeling super soft and blemish free*magical*
  3. The LUNA Transmits pulsations which help to relax the muscles in your face and help to reduce the signs of ageing *sold* 🙋🏼

How do I use it? 

  1. Use twice a day, morning and evening for a 60 second cleanse.
  2. Remove all of your make up as you would normally. Splash your face with lukewarm water and apply your fave cleanser 💁
  3. Lightly massage your cleanser into your face using your FOREO LUNA, I find that circular motions or a figure of 8 technique works best when using a pulsating cleansing brush and you don’t have to apply much pressure at all.
  4. There are larger touch points at the top of the device for the areas which require more deep cleaning, such as your chin or forehead and smaller touch points at the bottom for the more delicate areas, such as around your eyes.
  5. Rinse any excess cleanser off with lukewarm water using a damp Muslin cloth, and ✨voila✨

Best bits 🙌🏼…

✔️ It’s entirely silicone, so no need for changing brush heads like with the Magnitone, it’s also more hygienic than brush bristles.

✔️ Completely waterproof.

✔️ Great to keep for travelling as it’s small and compact.

Just one thing to note about the FOREO LUNA Play, it’s technically a beginners sampler… a great idea for a stocking filler this Christmas. It’s designed at a more affordable price of £29.00  for people to try out to see if it’s right for them before investing in a full size model. It’s non-rechargeable, but is expected to last up to 100 uses (approx.  1-2 months when used twice a day).

All other models are rechargeable and range in price from £85.00 up to £169.00.

Lookfantastic have got a great range of all of the different models and the Play model is included in the Beauty Stocking offer which they’re doing at the moment too! *Win*

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