Evening fellow beauty pals! Here’s hoping that your day has been filled with lots of exciting Advent Calendar treats and of course festive spirit!

It’s officially 16 sleeps until Christmas! 🎄 So if you haven’t ticked off the below list of festivities, then you’re doing the ‘countdown to Christmas’ all wrong 🙈

  1. Worn a Christmas jumper, with festive pride ✔️
  2. Sang your heart out to Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas  ✔️
  3. Watched a Christmas movie ✔️

If like me, you’ve been in Christmas spirit, sinnnnce, well… last Christmas 🙈 then good work fellow elf! Buddy will be proud 🙌🏼

So, hiding behind door No.8 today was…


REN Clean Skincare Revitalising Night Cream

I’ve never used this cream before so I’m going to give it a go tonight and if it changes my life then i’ll add it to my ‘must-haves’ category 👍🏼 I did a quick search to see what my good friend Google has to say about it and it’s got some really good reviews.

It’s formulated to hydrate, recharge and revitalise your skin by evening out your skin tone, reducing the appearance of fine lines and ultimately hydrating your skin, giving you a radiant glow! Sounds like magic right? ✨😮 and the best thing about it, is it does all of this whilst you zzzz 😴 *sleeping beauty*

My beauty sleep is very important, I always aim to get at least 7 1/2 hours sleep a night… I swear by my illuminage copper oxide eye mask! Now this really is a must-have! If like me, you struggle to close down the 3 million tabs which open in your brain, the minute your head touches the pillow, then you may find that using an eye mask helps to block out any annoying flashing lights and distractions which may hold you back from switching off and drifting off into the land of zzzz’s. Just try and remember not to panic when you wake up, forgetting that you’re wearing it and it’s pitch black 😂

It has a silky soft feel, which is cooling and relaxing on your face and is infused with copper oxide fibres, which fight wrinkles around your eyes and rejuvenate your skin. Magical ✨…. not as quick as a face lift, but for £25.00 it’s worth a shot! This, coupled with your REN night cream and let’s not forget the sleep spray from day 4… we’re on to a winner 🙌🏼 

Sweet dreams!🌛