Hey there fellow beauty addicts! 💋

Hopefully you all kicked off your day to a good start today, with an exciting treat in your advent calendar? I’m definitely going to have withdrawal symptoms in January when I don’t have a treat to open every day! 🙈

So, I don’t know about you, but I always ‘sneak a peak’ at the shape of the next door that I’m going to open… and yesterday when I seen today’s shape I was instantly intrigued 🙊

Hiding behind door of No.7 today was a NUDESTIX Lip & cheek pencil 💗 I got shade ‘Whisper’ in mine, but I’m not sure whether this will vary between calendars as there are quite a few other shades available:

  • Blush
  • Flesh
  • Love
  • Mystic
  • Soul


You can pick one up for £24.00 from Lookfantastic

It comes with a handy sharpener attached to the end of the pencil, which is always an instant win! 🙌🏼 There’s never a chunky sharpener around when you need one! This one sits on top of the pencil and with its own lid too *snazzy* ✌🏻️ (and totally worthy of a snap)👇🏼


As you can see below, it’s highly pigmented so a little goes a long way! It has a nice shimmer too, perfect for the party season! Oh Lookfantastic, you do look after us 😘

The shade is a tad too light for my lips, but it’s gives a really nice naturally glow on my cheeks.

I’m going to be posting some festive season ‘must-haves’ this week, to share some of my favourite products! ✨ Drop me a tweet @katiehorsefield or follow me on Instagram